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Chibi Love by Notra Chibi Love :iconnotra:Notra 1 4 Lost in Translation by Notra Lost in Translation :iconnotra:Notra 0 8
Up on a hill, there is a house.
People were sleeping, next to their spouse.
Snuggling and cuddling with pride.
They have nothing to hide.
In each other arms they hold.
Their dreams unfold.
Happiness and smiles filled the air.
They’re such a pair!
Thinking wonderful things on that faithful day.
For family and friends come in their way.
Meals and gifts are being prepared.
Stealing kisses they shared.  
Bangs of knockers on the door.
Out comes the gang, tumbled on the floor.
Greet and met all who was there.
“Now it’s time for dinner.” They declare.
Exchanging plates from left and right.
Gobbling down the food with delight.
Laugher and joy ignite the place
They love to see their smiles on their face.
Everyone gather and sat by t
:iconnotra:Notra 0 0
Boewolf vs Wyrd
Christie Ruiz
English 11
Ms. Schleifer
October 24, 2005
Beowulf vs Wyrd
       The Journey Continues
The city of Hagall's Eight is ruled by a wise and noble king, King Futhark and by his side is his beautiful and respectable queen, Queen Isa. They and their people, the Hagalls lived happily in their kingdom without war for many years until one day a great evil was awoken from its slumber. Terrorizing the peace of the kingdom.
It was a beast that can fly with wings that covered almost the entire sky. Fire blasts from the mouth, aiming down below at Hagall's Eight. Killing peoples as they tried to hide from the beast.
King Futhark and his men attack the beast with arrows and catapulting boulders of rocks at it, but it did little damage to the beast. Then without warning, the beast swoops down and grabs King Futhark away from his kingdom to fly to his lair, Uruz Keep, said to be where men wonder in and never comes back.
The attack still continues for two months. The kingdom of Hagall's Ei
:iconnotra:Notra 0 0
Be Mine
Christie Ruiz
English 12
February 27, 2006
           "Be Mine"
You make my heart pound out of control;
A burning love that I feel in my soul.
Upon you my eyes do gaze.
"Oh! The dreams that I had for many days!"
Why can't I say this to you?
I want my arms to embrace,
To pull us closer, face to face.
The touch of thy lips, the taste of your kiss.
You fill my fantasies with bliss.
Why can't I make it come true?
At this place, we are alone.
At this time, I ask "Be my own."
My heart stops, my knees grow weak.
My eyes widen, my hands grow meek.
I wait for your answer to speak.
:iconnotra:Notra 0 6
Christmas Eve
                           "Christmas Eve"
My eyes widen. My heart raced.
Thinking: "Oh God! Who's that handsome face!?"
I walk up to him slow and queer.
Wondering: "Does he live near?"
Face to face we did meet.
Thinking: "I should say something sweet."
My mouth opened. My tongue waved.
Wondering: "What do I say?"
Then a voice said "Ash is my name."
Thinking "Well at least it's not lame."
Down we walked together, such a pair!
Wondering: "What is that glare?"
We both looked up and their we see.
A white little flake came down to greet.
The night sky was filled with grace.
As Christmas Eve touch down to base.
:iconnotra:Notra 0 0


mobian pokemon 60-62 of 151 by jadethemobian mobian pokemon 60-62 of 151 :iconjadethemobian:jadethemobian 21 14 mobian pokemon 90-91 of 151 by jadethemobian mobian pokemon 90-91 of 151 :iconjadethemobian:jadethemobian 49 20 Pokemon 1-151 by The-Other-Half-Of-Me Pokemon 1-151 :iconthe-other-half-of-me:The-Other-Half-Of-Me 20 7 Venus Power Make Up by Naschi Venus Power Make Up :iconnaschi:Naschi 11,107 646 Captain America redesign by Juggertha Captain America redesign :iconjuggertha:Juggertha 929 467 symbiote captain america by hulkling symbiote captain america :iconhulkling:hulkling 177 16 Kim Possible by G0N7AL0 Kim Possible :icong0n7al0:G0N7AL0 2,305 208 Aria cmsn by fog-mire Aria cmsn :iconfog-mire:fog-mire 2,183 435 awakening of the hammer by breath-art awakening of the hammer :iconbreath-art:breath-art 365 26 Tender by TenthCharm Tender :icontenthcharm:TenthCharm 59 33 Steampunk Ami by TenthCharm Steampunk Ami :icontenthcharm:TenthCharm 4 5 following by breath-art following :iconbreath-art:breath-art 3,301 158
The Girl and The Dark :iconkybral:Kybral 2,436 494
Lady Ice :iconlpdisney:LPDisney 10,839 2,039
tomorrow's world by venkatvasa tomorrow's world :iconvenkatvasa:venkatvasa 1,602 106


*sighs* Let’s see… Where to begin… Well, I can start with the month of June, that’s when (I believe) I disappeared and work my way down to January.

June: My vacation is almost up and I was about to start school, once again, for the month of July. My class: Art of course. XD

July: The month has been fun and hard. I’ve learned so much in that class. Especially, the part, where I had to draw a nude person times two. o.O It was a very weird experience, but in the end, I was impressed of what I drew. I’ll post up all my artwork later on. My grade for that class: B XD

August: This month, I’ll say, was hard for me. You see, my aunt asked me to watch over my uncle, he has Alzheimer’s disease (it is a brain disorder that destroys brain cells and loss of memory from past life to now). I knew nothing about this disease, just of what I hear from my aunt and my family. Even with this information, I thought it would be a walk in the park…I thought wrong. Most days would be easy, others…it just wasn’t easy. Alzheimer’s disease is very difficult to understand, until you experience one that has it, you begin to understand what this disease really is. Even has I am typing about it, I find it hard to type at all. My uncle is not the same person I once knew. He has some memory of me, but sometimes, he does not know of who I am (or his friends and family). Every day it gets worst and worst, even with the meds he takes; it’s not really working for him. And my poor aunt, who comes home tired from work, has to deal with him. This was a very difficult month for me and this was only the beginning.

September to mid-December: School starts again for me, again one class, because it’s all I can afford. I decide to take a class that would intrigue me. That class would be Human Sexuality. XD What? I wanted to take this class for a very long time. XD It was an enjoyable class, but in between (and there’s really no pun to it), I felt I didn’t want to do anything for that class. I felt I didn’t want to pass. I was down, not really up to it, perhaps depressed. I just didn’t really see the point of coming to class. I was…almost about to give up. Just taking one class at a time, family drama, what’s happening to my uncle, and all that jazz. This was a moment of the winter blues (here’s the link for more info on it:…), and this was a very first for me. I’ve never felt like that in my life. But I hanged in there and passed the class with a B. I could have gotten a higher grade, then that, but I’m just glad I passed the class with that grade mark (and not a C). ^_^

Mid-December to mid-January: VACATION TIME!!! XD And also my “me” time. ^_^ I needed a break from all of this. So I just kicked back and had some R&R. My vacation was good, including Christmas and New Years. There’s nothing new about that; just on my laptop, chatting, and sleep. XD So, I hope this year will be a good one, will pass my class once again, and hopefully get a job. *fingers crossed*

***I promise to get through all your art and comments asap. No journals, because there is too much of them. I'm sorry, but they must be deleted. ><
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United States


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Hi there! I like your literature, I think you're quite the writer =]. By the way I noticed your post on this [link] and since you're a Darkstalkers fan I'd like to ask you something^^. You see I'm a representative from a group over at the official Capcom website rallying up support for either a Marvel vs Capcom 2 style remix for the Darkstalkers series (not in terms of game play but sprite filtering, online play, etc.) an online playable version of the Chaos Tower for Xbox Live and Playstation Network and/or a sequel and if you like the sound of either of those I can just add only your Deviant Art name to the support list =]. The vice president of Capcom USA is quite impressed with the fan turnout of the campaign and it would be wonderful to have more people on board! After all he is the one that needs to be convinced >].
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Thank you for your compliment on my literature work. ^^ Oh? O.o? Oh that. Well, you see, I know so little about them. I only knew about them in games, and plus, I like their art style. =D You mean, like, an rpg? :?
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